Timang Beach has an island in the middle of the ocean, named Pulau Timang or Pulau Watu Panjang.

Initially this beach was not a tourist location, Timang Beach was only used by fishermen to find lobster around the beach, especially on Timang Island or Watu Panjang.

The icon of Timang Beach is the presence of gondolas and suspension bridges which are often used by tourists as very challenging extreme rides. The Gondola on Timang Island has a length of about 100 meters with an altitude of between 9 and 11 meters which can only fit one person.

In addition to the gondola, there is also a suspension bridge made of rope with a wooden base, a different tension we feel when we pass this suspension bridge.

In addition to the gondola and suspension bridge, we can also enjoy off-road Jeep car rides to get around and enjoy the scenery at Timang Beach.

When we are here, we can enjoy the deliciousness of fresh lobster accompanied by waves and natural beauty.